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    NorthStar Surgery Specialists P.A., offers a wide spectrum of surgical expertise. This includes procedures in general, colorectal, endoscopic, minimally invasive, endocrine, breast, vascular, and critical care surgery. We serve most of the Austin metro and surrounding area hospitals, with the ultimate mission of providing patients with leading-edge surgical care.

    Our staff of professionals handles a wide variety of surgical procedures as listed below.

    2,500 + Successfully Performed Robotic-Assisted Surgeries


    A new treatment for benign and cancerous breast lumps.

    Ablative Therapy
    Ablative Therapy for Breast

    Courtesy Sanarus Technologies LLC

    Please call the office for an appointment
    to see if you qualify.

    Breast Cancer Surgery with NorthStar Surgery

    New non-surgical minimally invasive treatment for breast cancer
    In-office procedure, no hospital stay or anesthesia required

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    Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

    Robotic-assisted surgery is a sophisticated robotic platform designed to enhance the capabilities of your surgeon and offers a minimally invasive option for complex surgical procedures. Robotic surgery is an efficient, reliable and safe alternative to conventional surgery, with many benefits such as quicker recovery, faster healing time, and smaller incisions and/or scars.

    General Surgery Specialists

    General Surgery Texas

    General Surgery Procedures

    Cryoablation Texas